• Unexpected and Destructive - It can happen at any place at any moment and it can be devastating

  • Rapid Response - The rapid mobilization of resources and specialized personnel can make the difference

  • By land, sea and air - How, when and where are the most impostant decisions we make everyday.

For Others Can Live

Our Mission

WDA has been operating aid, relief, search, rescue and recovery operations as well as disaster prevention programmes worldwide since 1995 when it was established as a non profit foundation in Sweden. Since January 1st 2016, the administration of WDA as well as its entire structure and work have been assimilated, as an Institute with its same original purpose, into the World Safety and International Cooperation and Assistance Organization with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. WDA maintains also a Public Relations point of contact in Sweden.

All international operations, programmes and missions are operated, since 1996, through its United Network for Worldwide Disaster Aid (UNWDA) , a network of volunteers and specialized personnel in diverse countries.

WDA dedicates to mitigate the results of disasters worldwide through prevention, preparedness and rapid response. Its specialized personnel act keeping in mind at all times that the Worldwide Disaster Aid Institute exists for others can live.



Worldwide Disaster Aid resources include Disaster Mitigation and Management Advisory Teams, Disaster Response Teams, Rapid Intervention Units, K9 Search Teams and other specialized personnel in diverse areas including but not limited to emergency medicine, search and rescue, medevac, airborne support, and more.


Rapid Intervention

Worldwide Disaster Aid operates also Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Projects and Programmes worldwide. These programmes are directed not only to the protection and safeguard of human lives but also to the prevention and mitigation of environmental disasters and wildlife endangerment.


Disaster Zone Aid

Aid is necessary at Disaster Zones not only in the form of temporary housing and basic survival supplies as food and drink. The UNWDA either coordinates or directly provides also emergency medical assistance, search and rescue, search and recovery as well as advisory teams on Disaster Mitigation Logistic Coordination, Crisis Management and Health Threats Containment.



Research, special studies and development of disaster mitigation methods, technologies and systems are carried on by specially formed task groups and commissions acting in cooperation with diverse organizations, institutes, companies, universities, disaster response units and public service authorities at diverse countries.


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Everyday somewhere there are communities, people and animals in need of assistance.

Prepare / Be Ready

During a Disaster

Recovering from Disaster

  • Health, safety and helping

    Your first concern after a disaster is your and your family's health and safety. You need to consider possible safety issues and monitor family health and well-being. Read more...

  • Returning Home

    Remember to exercise extreme caution when returning home. Preferably wait until the area is declared safe. If you cannot, take preacutions  Read more...

  • Coping with disaster

    Disaster brings not only material loss, it also brings large emotional toll and stress you must know how to deal with. Read more...