Have your school, office or recreation center prepared

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To learn a few techniques and methods to be able to help the wounded in a disaster, can save lives


Be Well Prepared

Schools, day-care facilities, workplaces, educational institutes, clubs apartment buildings and any place where people gathers or spends time, should be prepared for a disaster event or emergency. To plan in advance makes all the difference.

If you are the director or supervisor of any of the places mentioned above, make sure your place has a building evacuation plan that is regularly practiced. Take a critical look at your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to determine if it is secure or if it could feasibly be upgraded to better filter potential contaminants, and be sure you know how to turn it off if you need to. Make also sure to know where are the potential dangers and the safe areas. Have a list of things to do in case of emergency.

You can download Emergency Response Plans for using directly or for adapting to your place:

Workplace Emergency Plan

Download Workplace Emergency Plans HERE.
Download Educational Institutes/Clubs Emergency Plans HERE.

Remember to have kits, well placed evacuation maps and trained key personnel.

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